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The policy of Materials Research Forum LLC is to focus exclusively on materials related research and serve the INDIVIDUAL publishing needs of researchers in this field. At the same time our vision is to deliver the most up-to-date knowledge of current research and information tools useful to this community.

Recent Advances in Photovoltaic

The search for new materials and/or new structures such as multi-junctions, nanostructures, photoelectrochemical cells, organic solar cells etc. for improved performance is discussed. The experimental investigations on certain materials and modelling for better results are also described in the book.

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Inorganic Pollutants in Wastewater

The book extensively investigates the most recent improvements in the area of inorganic pollutants analysis, removal and treatment of wastewater by utilizing different materials such as natural polymers, husks, graphene and carbon nanotube composites, fruit cortex etc. It covers photocatalysis, adsorption, desalination and electrochemical technologies used for the analysis and treatment of inorganic pollutants.

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Elemental Graphene Analogues

The present monograph summarizes all of the work carried out on such monolayer materials up to the beginning of 2017, with attention being restricted to those, like graphene, being composed of a single element. Most of the work done so far on these ‘elemental graphene analogues’ has been theoretical, but the existing experimental data suggest that they may well become as useful as graphene.

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Applications of Adsorption and Ion Exchange Chromatography in Waste Water Treatment

The book “Applications of Adsorption and Ion Exchange Chromatography in Waste Water Treatment” has been edited with contributions from well know experts in the field, who have been working on different ion-exchange materials and technologies for many years.

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Residual Stresses 2016: ICRS-10

This book presents the proceedings of the International Conference on Residual Stresses 10 and is devoted to the prediction/modelling, evaluation, control, and application of residual stresses in engineering materials.

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